Enrolled Agent

Many people hear and see “ E. A. or Enrolled Agent”…but what exactly does it mean? An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional of the highest level authorized by the Internal Revenue Service that has demonstrated competence in tax matters.

To become an Enrolled Agent one must successfully complete a comprehensive 3 day examination covering the Federal Tax Regulations & Ethics prescribed by the I.R.S. Code. The Enrolled Agent applicant must also successfully pass a personal background check by the Federal Government.

Additionally, an Enrolled Agent is required by the I.R.S. to keep up with the constant tax law changes by means of 72 credit hours of professional Continued Education. This is reported by the various professional groups that offer Continued Education and is reported to the I.R.S. directly. Compliance to these requirements are required to be maintain in order to retain an Enrolled Agent license.

Unlike “Certified Public Accountants” an Enrolled Agent is required to demonstrate tax competence prior to representing a taxpayer before the I.R.S.

Additionally, an Enrolled Agent specializes and is licensed solely in taxation. Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys, which are licensed by a state agency oversight board, may not necessarily specialize in taxation.

As of Oct. 2014 I have earned my Enrolled Agent Status. As an Enrolled Agent I will be required to complete 72 Continued Professional Education hours every 3 years. I look forward to serving my clients with the utmost professional and knowledgeable tax service possible.